V4.144 10/05/2024 Internal

V4.144 10/05/2024

The release notes provided in V1 of this document serve as an initial preview of the changes expected in the upcoming production release scheduled for May 19th, 2024, on the Hosted Gateway.


The Gateway release notes will contain information related to the new iVeri software release. The release notes will include the impact of software release to the intended target audience.

The release notes will adopt the format outlined below, as applicable:

  • Compliance - Refers to the adherence of the software to specific industry standards, regulations, or internal policies. This includes ensuring that the software meets legal and regulatory requirements, follows best practices, and aligns with established security and quality
  • Optimisation - The process of refining or improving a software solution to enhance its performance, efficiency, or effectiveness.
  • Feature - Refers to a specific functionality or capability that is added or enhanced in the new version of the software. It represents a distinct and valuable aspect of the software that provides additional benefits or options to the users.

In addition to the mentioned format, the release notes will be divided into the following sections:
Section 1: Compliance, Optimisation and Features applicable to All Customers.
Section 2: Compliance, Optimisation and Features that are Client specific.
Section 3: Compliance, Optimisation and Features that are Internal to iVeri.

iVeri Gateway Release Version 4.144

The release notes contained in this document applied on the Gateway and is in effect as of the 19th of May 2024.

iVeri Internal

Please note that the release notes below, in addition to Sections 1 & 2, are tailored specifically for iVeri Staff's knowledge and reference.


Subject: Tailored Insights - Personalized Monthly Trade and Fees Analysis for Merchants – PSP
Product/Platform: Gateway-PSP Portal
Release Description: 
A merchant has requested additional data to enrich their analytics and obtain comprehensive insights. They are particularly interested in a consolidated overview of settlement amounts and the corresponding fees.

Client: Flutterwave
Subject: Integration to Flutterwave
Product/Platform: Gateway - Core
Release Description:
Integrating MPGS through Flutterwave for eCommerce to support a Nigerian merchant seeking to process SynXis transactions.


Subject: Implemented Security Enhancement: Encryption of Admin Website and Back Office Data
Product/Platform: Gateway-Admin
Release Description:
This update ensures that data associated with parameters accessible in both the Admin Website and Back Office backend is encrypted. To access this data on the frontend, users are required to utilise a decryption key (encryption seed) for specific parameters. This encryption process is mandatory for any Gateway process or function utilizing encrypted parameter data

Subject: Synced Deletion and Enhanced Encryption: Ensuring Data Consistency Across Gateways
Product/Platform: Gateway-Admin
Release Description:
To maintain consistency, when a record is deleted in one Gateway, the same action will automatically occur in the partnered Gateway. This modification guarantees that encrypted parameters necessitate the key to be in a hash format, distinguishing between encrypted and non-encrypted values.

Subject: Enhanced iVeri Token Management - Leveraging PANToken Enquiry Instruction
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release Description:
If a merchant has previously tokenized a card using the iVeri Gateway, they can now refresh the token by utilizing the PANToken enquiry instruction. This involves providing the TransactionIndex and the dotted card number.

Subject: Symmetric Parameter Encryption - Enhancing Database Security
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release Description:
Symmetric encryption has been implemented for parameters utilized in Backoffice functions and the Administration site. This enhancement aims to bolster the security of parameters stored within the databases.

Subject: Optimizing Refund Support with VTS/MDES Data in the Token Vault
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release Description:
If transaction history is inaccessible for a VTS/MDES refund, merchants can still utilize iVeri's TransactionIndex via the Enterprise API to initiate the refund. The Gateway will then use the TransactionIndex to fetch encrypted token details from the TokenVault and process the refund. However, merchants must be enabled for Initial Credits to facilitate this process.

Subject: Enhancing Transaction Look-Up Functionality in Backoffice and Admin Website
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release Description:
We have made updates to the function utilized for transaction lookups to address instances where the transaction description was used instead of the result status code.

Subject: Automatic Deletion of Dormant Merchant Profiles on iVeri Managed Partner Gateways
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release Description:
Extend the automatic deletion function of merchant profiles to iVeri-managed partner gateways whenever a profile has been dormant for an extended period of time.