Sabre SynXis​

Partnered with iVeri gateway, combining hospitality management with payment gateway efficiency.

Combining hospitality management with payment gateway efficiency

Uncover the power of SynXis, a leading online reservation platform tailored for 4- and 5-star hotels worldwide. Partnered with iVeri Gateway, it not only ensures secure payments but also optimizes efficiency by providing a unified perspective on reservations and payments.

Security and Compliance

SynXis places a premium on security. Payments are processed over a secure channel, safeguarding sensitive data as it travels from the Sabre booking engine to the iVeri payment Gateway. This not only strengthens transaction security but also assists hotels in reducing their PCI DSS scope.

Value-Added Services

SynXis offers an option to incorporate 3D Secure which ensures that transactions are authenticated, offering enhanced protection to both hotels and cardholders.

Streamlined Integration for Swift go-to-market

The seamless integration of iVeri and Sabre SynXis empowers hotels to swiftly start accepting payments. Enabling payment acceptance involves only onboarding and setup, eliminating the need for technical integration on the hotel's side.

Reporting & Monitoring via BackOffice

With access to a comprehensive transaction history report, hotels can gain actionable insights into their payment activities, and effortlessly search and retrieve specific transaction details using the transaction lookup feature.

  1. The guest confirms their reservation information on the SynXis booking engine.
  2. The guest proceeds to complete the reservation payment by entering their card details on the SynXis booking engine.
  3. The payment information is securely transmitted to the iVeri Gateway through the SynXis-iVeri integration.
  4. iVeri Gateway processes the payment and communicates the outcome back to the SynXis booking engine.
  5. The SynXis booking engine then presents the payment result to the guest.

Payment Methods 

Ways to pay online 

Key Benefits

Seamless Payment Processing
Real-Time Payment Authorization and Secure Payment Handling
Flexible Payment Options with Centralized Reporting and Reconciliation

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Flexible Payment Options with Centralized Reporting and Reconciliation