Oracle GloriaFood

A restaurant, online ordering platform with iVeri as Payment service Provider

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 GloriaFood is an innovative online restaurant website builder that empowers restaurants to seamlessly receive and manage online meal orders, while also ensuring the processing of card payments. The platform’s efficiency is further enhanced by a solid integration with Spreedly and iVeri Gateway, guaranteeing a smooth transactional flow.

Streamline integration for Quick Go to Market

The seamless integration that exists between GloriaFood, Spreedly and iVeri empowers restauranters to easily start accepting payments. Enabling payment acceptance involves only a merchant account, setup, eliminating the need for technical integration on the restaurant’s side.

Value-Added Services

Payments processed via GloriaFood incorporate 3D Secure, adding an extra layer of security for both merchants and cardholders. This feature ensures that transactions are authenticated, offering enhanced protection to both merchants and cardholders.

Transaction Reports via Backoffice

With access to a comprehensive transaction history report, hotels can gain actionable insights into their payment activities, and effortlessly search and retrieve specific transaction details using the transaction lookup feature.

How it Works?

  1. Customers confirm their meal order on the GloriaFood ordering platform.
  2. The customer proceeds to complete the meal order by entering their card details on the GloriaFood platform.
  3. The payment information is securely transmitted to Spreedly, and Spreedly passes the payment instruction to the iVeri Gateway.
  4. The iVeri Gateway processes the payment to an acquiring bank partner and communicates the outcome back to the Spreedly. Spreedly in turn relays the payment result to GloriaFood.
  5. The GloriaFood platform then presents the status of the payment to the customer

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