Role Players

iVeri needs to:

  • Provide 1st line support to the merchant.
  • Provide support on the Back End Admin enquiries . Inform eCommerce 3rd Party on merchants to be onboarded.
  • Onboard the merchant on the Admin Gateway & Cardinal for IYS.
  • Provider merchant with credentials in order for them to add iVeri as their payment processor on their IYS Backend System.

eCommerce 3rd Party needs to:

  • Set up and Create the merchant on the IYS Platform (Store ID).
  • Provide 2nd line support.
  • Address technical queries that the merchant may have.

Merchant needs to:

  • Sign in and Set up their Online Store
  • Configure and enable iVeri as the Payment processor using the iVeri provided store credentials
  • Send iVeri their Store ID in order for iVeri to complete the onboarding