A service that enables payment card cardholders to make international card purchases or transactions in their own currency. The conversion of the purchase price of goods or services from the merchant’s local currency to the cardholder’s home currency occurs at the point of sale at the quoted exchange rate from a cited exchange rate source.

PayD transactions allow the customer to make a payment using their debit card + pin, without a POS device present (i.e. web site purchases), by using their mobile phones

PayD Process

  • Customer selects payD as payment method for the transaction. (The payment selection process is provided by the merchant)
    • Customer enters their mobile number instead of their card details. (Card details are not present in the V_XML)
    • PanFormat is set to MSISDN and the MSISDN tag set to the customer's mobile number, this will identify the transaction as a payD transaction.
  • Transaction is sent to the gateway as a normal enterprise transaction.
  • The gateway identifies the transaction as a payD transaction and forwards the transaction to payD.
  • payD determines the registration status of the user. (See respective sections below on how the process changes)

Non-Registered Users

  1. payD determines the user has not been registered and the transaction fails.
  2. The gateway returns Error Code 23 and Description “Card information not present” to the merchant.
  3. The merchant must then, in addition to the MSISDN, prompt the user for their PAN (full card number), ExpiryDate and AccountType (savings, cheque, credit)
  4. PanFormat is set to MSISDN. (PanFormat must still be set to MSISDN, to identify transaction as a payD transaction)
  5. Transaction is sent to the gateway as a normal enterprise transaction.
  6. The gateway identifies the transaction as a payD transaction, and forwards the transaction to payD
  7. payD performs the user registration.
  8. ...continue as a registered user.

Registered Users

  1. The customer is prompted to enter their PIN using their mobile phone.
  2. payD then forwards the transaction (along with card data) to the gateway to be completed.
  3. The gateway will respond to the merchant the transaction status and a new tag MobileMoneyID

Voiding payD Transactions 

The exisiting void mechanism is used to void payD transactions. In addition to the existing tags used to perform a void, the merchant must also set the MobileMoneyID tag.