The objective is to demonstrate through screen representation the BIN Management process via the iVeri Administration Website. 

The content will cover the following objectives:

At an Acquirer level – Per Gateway or Across Acquirers if on Hosted:

Any BIN management updates made would apply across the merchant base:

  • How to create a new BIN 
  • How to amend an existing BIN

At a Merchant level:

Any BIN management updates made would apply to the specific merchant:

  • BIN management related to a merchant
  • A possible scenario when a BIN type and Description may be required to be amended for a merchant.

Target Audience:
This guide is intended for the support team tasked with generating new and modifying existing BINs upon request from Acquirers.

Requesting a new BIN:

  • Select personnel are allowed to request and authorize the creation of a new BIN. For e.g. At Nedbank, Integrator Ops is allowed to request a creation of a new BIN.