Introduction to Enterprise

Enterprise Introduction 

The iVeri range of payment solutions, developed by iVeri Payment Technologies (Pty) Ltd provides proven credit card payment solutions for businesses that have online or physical presence. The use of Enterprise API's is ideal for merchants that want complete control & flexibility of the payment page and transaction mechanisms supported.
Enterprise API’s currently support the following Webservices



Merchant Requirements

  • Merchants are required to enter into a “Agreement” with an authorised Acquiring Institution. Once there is a merchant agreement in place, a merchant profile can be created
  • With Enterprise calls to the Gateway, the presence of a certificate ID is required, with the actual physical certificate available as optional means to authenticate merchant requests 
  • Test Mode should used during integration, testing, and validation
  • Test application ID must be used with Mode Test 


This document uses certain iVeri specific terminology which can be referenced in Parameter Description