Divert is a payment solution that allows merchants to request payment from their cardholders for services rendered. Traditionally, this functionality has only been available by accessing the merchant portal – Backoffice where merchants can populate the cardholder data and the payment amount agreed between the merchant and cardholder. On completion, a payment link via email would be distributed to the intended cardholder.

The API implementation carries the same functionality found in Backoffice, the aim of the API is to extend the existing functionality to a wider audience whose requirement may be to automate the process of generating the payment link from the Gateway thus giving control and flexibility to the merchant, making it possible for merchants to integrate the payment requests into their own website/mobile applications.

Use Cases 
Adhoc: Rendering of services such as plumbing, electricians
Hospitality: Additional charges that may not be included in the customers reservation
Subscription/Recurring: Where customers may have missed a scheduled payment, merchants can use Divert to collect funds from the customer