Gateway Release V4.136

Gateway Release V4.136

Nedbank Gateway:

Date: 05/11/2023 
Start Time: 20:00 UCT +2 
Duration: 2-4hrs 
Expected Downtime: 5-10mins.

Release Notes Overview

The release notes provided in V1 of this document serve as an initial preview of the changes expected in the upcoming production release scheduled for November 5th 2023, on the Nedbank Gateway . 


The Gateway release notes will contain information related to the new iVeri software release. The release notes will include the impact of software release to the intended target audience.

The release notes will adopt the format outlined below, as applicable:

  • Compliance - Refers to the adherence of the software to specific industry standards, regulations, or internal policies. This includes ensuring that the software meets legal and regulatory requirements and follows best practices.
  • Optimisation - The process of refining or improving a software solution to enhance its performance, efficiency, or effectiveness.
  • Feature - Refers to a specific functionality or capability that is added or enhanced in the new version of the software. It represents a distinct and valuable aspect of the software that provides additional benefits or options to the users


Subject: Removal of Outdated jQuery Versions
Product/Platform: Gateway Core
Release Description: In order to meet compliance requirements, outdated versions of jQuery will be removed as part of the iVeri Gateway deployment at Nedbank.

Subject: Enhancing Transaction Security. Implementing FICA Mechanism for 'Unknown or Non-Compliant' Status
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release Description: To align with Nedbank's FICA requirements, a 'Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliant' parameter has been introduced at the merchant profile level within the Admin Website. 

This parameter allows a merchant profile to be assigned one of three statuses:

  1. 'Unknown': Reserved for cases where the FICA status is unknown.
  2. 'Yes': Designates merchants that are FICA compliant.
  3. 'No': Applies to merchants classified as 'non-compliant' with FICA regulations.

If the merchant profile is set to 'Unknown' or 'No', the iVeri Gateway will block transactions.

Subject: Nedbank Support Single Tap
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release Description: In order to meet compliance requirements, we have implemented Single Tap support on NewPOS devices for transactions processing to Nedbank.


Subject: Optimizing Gautrain POSData Code for Enhanced Accuracy
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release Description: Gautrain transactions being incorrectly labelled as "off-premise" has been resolved. Now, "on-premise of card acceptor" has been set in DE 123 ("POSDATA Code") for all transaction messages sent to Postbridge, provided that the channel used is Thales. This adjustment ensures accurate data representation moving forward.


Subject: Introducing the 'Foreign Retailer' Indicator for Marketplaces via Enterprise API Transactions
Product/Platform: Gateway-Core
Release description: In adherence to Visa regulations governing Marketplaces, we have implemented a "Foreign Retail Indicator" within Enterprise API's for Marketplaces. This indicator is specifically designed to be applied to transactions processed by the Marketplace on behalf of a foreign seller, ensuring full compliance with Visa guidelines. The newly added parameter aids in identifying a foreign retailer (seller) within a marketplace.

Subject: Optimizing Distributor Parameters Sequence in Admin Website
Product/Platform: Gateway - Admin
Release description: In the Admin Website, under 'System' > 'Distributor' > 'Parameters', related distributor parameters have been reorganized. This update aims to enhance user experience by facilitating easier identification and navigation of parameters that work in tandem.

Subject: Enhanced iVeri Batch Functionality with Support for Reversals via Original Request ID
Product/Platform: Gateway-Batch
Release Description: Merchants can now initiate reversals in Batch transactions by specifying the Request ID of the original transaction. It's important to note that both the original and subsequent reversal must be carried out on the same merchant application ID for this feature to be operational.