Cardinal Posport IndiGo V 20231026

Cardinal Posport Indigo Release Notes V 20231026

The release notes contained in this document are available in iVeri’ s repository in production and can be installed on any Cardinal and or indigo installation on a case-by-case bases as agreed with Customers and or Integrators.

Whats new 


  • "Single Tap" feature has been updated to cater for scenarios where the issuer does not support “Single Tap and Pin”. In such scenarios, the cardholder will be requested to dip the card, eliminating the need for PIN collection.  
  • An improvement on the reversal of an authorization has been introduced. Previously, authorizations reversed on a different day presented a challenge, but now the process has been updated so that these authorizations can be efficiently processed as "Authorization Reversals". 
  • An update has been introduced for cases where a “void pre-auth” was attempted on a different device than the one on which the pre-auth was performed. The device will return an error, as the merchant must attempt the void on the same device only. 
  • Support of S2S QR code transactions: QR code transactions can now be supported for S2S clients. This requires the appropriate Gateway version and newPos app to be in place for the flow to work end-to-end



  • An enhancement was implemented so that a transaction can only be cancelled if the cardholder has not yet presented their card. An additional control system was introduced that allows to manage and determine which commands can be cancelled. 
  • Resolved issue with device staying on "busy" status after "GetHMAC" command, by making it switch to "Idle" status instead 
  • Rework the logic that deals with offline and online Gautrain transactions 
    Issues where certain transactions have been processed offline instead of online has been addressed by tweaking the logic that looks at the card type, cryptogram value  and jurisdiction of the card. Depending on these variables an Authorisation and Settlement can be processed offline or online. One of the tweaks worth mentioning is that DebitSMS card types will be processed online for an Auth and Settlement. 
  • Unable to process transaction response returned on the N700 CBZ Indigo Integrator Device. 
    A fix that addressees the unable to process response has been made, with it, the  
    "FormFactor" tag is now set on transaction messages to Gateway