Cardinal Posport IndiGo V 20230323

Cardinal Posport Indigo Release Notes V 20230323

The release notes contained in this document are available in iVeri’ s repository in production and can be installed on any Cardinal and or indigo installation on a case-by-case bases as agreed with Customers and or Integrators.

Whats new 

Indigo Ingenico

  • A change is implemented to make Ingenico devices reboot once a day to comply with PCI requirement. The default time is set to be at midnight.


  • Device Status is included as part of the data synchronized from Cardinal into MIS allowing for a better filtering in reports generated from MIS.
  • Allowances that make it possible to enable "CashAdvance" in parallel with "Sale" transaction type have been made

SMYL Loyalty 

  • As part of the loyalty offering on the N700 device, enabling SMYL loyalty is now configurable at merchant level, when set, a mobile number will be prompted by default on the UI of the N700 device 
  • As part of the objective to support Loyalty on the N700 device, SMYL functionalities have been extended into the ARPED channel intended for Indigo
  • Incorporated GetData command in the Generic POS API channel, as part of functionality needed for SMYL

PosPort (newPos 9220)

  • Geolocation information (Longitude and Latitude) is added to transaction data passed to the Gateway and into MIS at transaction level and at device level.

    This is applicable for newPOS 9220 devices (app v. 1.0.20221128 and up)



  • An update that prevents processing a “Void Pre-Auth” on a different device than the initial one used to perform a pre-auth has been introduced. With this change, if the same device is not used, an error will be returned. The merchant must perform a “Void_Pre-Auth" on the same device that handled the “Pre-Auth”


  • An enhancement is implemented to allow Thales refunds to be processed as manual follow-up transactions based on PAN