Background Information

What is IYS?

Iveri has partnered with an eCommerce 3rd party that specializes in the creation of applications (i.e. mobile and website) that enable merchants to be able to display their goods and services they are selling in order to receive payments (i.e. online payments). Merchants will be able to do this through the use of an App that was created and renamed for iVeri, called IYS – Increase Your Sales.

Utilizing the designated API, it provides merchants the ability to set up their online stores to be able to receive payments based on what they are actively selling, allowing them to categorise and display what they want to present to their end customers.

Co-partnership with iVeri

The eCommerce 3rd Party has partnered with iVeri to enable their merchants to be able to implement this online store capability, whether it be Web or App based. The Product from an iVeri perspective has been repackaged and renamed as IYS and that it how it is actively sold.

IYS provides merchants the ability to set up their own online store whether it be via the App or the website for their clients to be able to buy goods or services using that availed online store interface.

iVeri will be the processing payment gateway for the merchants that choose to take on IYS as a product with the added advantage of using the IYS Back End interface to begin setting up their online store and tracking transactions performed in their platform.

iVeri has their own branded IYS API that will be used to market and sell to their existing client-base and allow those merchants the ability to choose whether they want to utilize the IYS website or mobile app interface.

A Subscription will be assigned to the merchants that will be utilising these Application platforms. (whether Website or mobile App)

Merchant requisites for the IYS Implementation

A Merchant would require the following as a standard:

  • Merchant Account
  • Gateway Profile
  • IYS Store ID

iVeri will be signing up merchants to the Aggregator they belong to 
3DS is required for the implementation of IYS

How does this typically work?

Merchants would be given the “eCommerce 3rd Party Back End Merchant System” access for them to set up and configure their online store application, this is accessed through their created URL.

Merchants would have to download and set up their application, customise their look and feel they want to apply on their merchant website. (i.e. Colour schemes,  Logo, payment methods and etc.)

Merchants would add and manage their inventory and what they want to sell on their platform and choose iVeri as their payment processor.

Important Note:
When setting up the store they would need to update their Payment settings page which consists of Username, Password and User group