CyberSource Fraud Management

CyberSource data is additional transaction data which iVeri Payment Technologies Ltd needs to process orders within CyberSource's fraud screening solution.

 Device Fingerprinting 

To successfully implement Device Fingerprinting, a 1-pixel image file (which cannot be seen) and two scripts need to be placed in the <body> tag of the merchant’s checkout page*. This will ensure a 3-5 second window in which the code segments can complete the data collection necessary to create a fingerprint for the device making the order. 

Below are the code segments for implementing Device Fingerprinting: 

PNG Image

<p style="background:url(<org ID>&amp;session_id=<merchant id><session ID>&amp;m=1)"></p> <img src="<org ID>&amp;session_ id=<merchant id><session ID>&amp;m=2" alt="">   

Flash Code

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data=" fp.swf?org_id=<org ID>&amp;session_id=<merchant id><session ID>" width="1" height="1" id="thm_fp"> <param name="movie" value="<org ID>&amp;session_id=<merchant id><session ID>" /> <div></div> </object>  

JavaScript Code

<script src="<org ID>&amp;session_ id=<merchant id><session ID>" type="text/javascript"> </script>  


Data Type 


Org ID 


Will be supplied by iVeri Payment Technologies Ltd to the merchant. 

Session ID 


The session ID is a string variable (letters and numbers only) that must be unique for each merchant ID. Any string that are already generating, such as an order number or Web session ID. However, do not use the same uppercase and lowercase letters to indicate different session IDs. 

This is the same value that must be send to iVeri in the DeviceFingerprintID field. 

Merchant id 


Will be supplied by iVeri Payment Technologies Ltd to the merchant. 

Coding for CyberSource data 

The following is a code snippet in C#:


enterprise.setTag("DeliveryMethod", Virtual); 

enterprise.setTag("DeviceFingerprintID", sessionId); 

enterprise.setTag("BillTo_FirstName", billTo_FirstName); 

enterprise.setTag("BillTo_LastName", billTo_LastName); 

enterprise.setTag("BillTo_Street", billTo_Street); 

enterprise.setTag("BillTo_City", billTo_City); 

enterprise.setTag("BillTo_Country", billTo_Country); 

enterprise.setTag("BillTo_Email", billTo_Email); 

enterprise.setTag("BillTo_IPAddress", billTo_IPAddress);