Fleet card transactions

Fleet cards facilitate the tracking of costs and managing statistical information of a fleet of vehicles.

  • A Fleet transaction refer to special processing for a Fleet card. 
  • Fleet transactions are currently only available within distributor Nedbank. 
  • If a fleet card is received with other distributors, then the fleet specific parameters are ignored. 

Coding for Fleetcards 

The following optional input parameters are Fleet specific per transaction: 


The following optional input parameters are Fleet specific per Line item: 

  • ProductCode 
  • Quantity 
  • QuantityDecimalPlaces 
  • UnitCost 


The latest available values of the ProductCode field are obtained via the “Inventory” download command (See section 22). Only use the ProductCodes with Type='Fleet'. The list at the time of writing is given in 7.4 

Since Line items are repeated, the advanced Enterprise methods openElement and closeElement must be used. The following is a code snippet in C#:


enterprise.setTag("CustomerReferenceIdentifier", customerReferenceIdentifier); 

foreach (DataRow dr in myTable.Rows) 



enterprise.setTag("ProductCode", dr["Product Code"]); 

enterprise.setTag("Quantity", dr["Quantity"]); 

enterprise.setTag("QuantityDecimalPlaces", dr["QuantityDecimalPlaces"]); 

enterprise.setTag("UnitCost", dr["Unit Cost"]);