Advanced Fraud Screening

The following optional input parameters are CyberSource specific per Line item:

  • Discount 
  • ItemCommodityCode 
  • ItemDescriptor 
  • ProductCode 
  • Quantity 
  • TaxRate 
  • Total 
  • UnitCost 
  • UnitOfMeasure 
  • PassengerFirstName 
  • PassengerLastName 
  • PassengerID 
  • PassengerStatus 
  • PassangerType 

Note: The fields in Blue will be used when doing Advanced Fraud Screening and is not recorded on the iVeri system. Since Line items are repeated, the advanced Enterprise methods openElement and closeElement must be used. The following is a code snippet in


enterprise.setTag("ShippingTaxRate", shippingTaxRate) 

enterprise.setTag("TransactionDiscount", transactionDiscount) 

enterprise.setTag("UniqueVATInvoiceReferenceNumber", vatReferenceNo) 


Dim dr As DataRow 

For Each dr in myTable.Rows 


enterprise.setTag("UnitCost", dr("Unit Cost")) 

enterprise.setTag("Quantity", dr("Quantity")) 

enterprise.setTag("ItemDescriptor", dr("Description")) 

enterprise.setTag("ProductCode", dr("Product Code")) 

enterprise.setTag("PassengerFirstName", dr("Passenger FirstName")) 

enterprise.setTag("PassengerLastName", dr("Passenger LastName")) 

enterprise.setTag("PassengerID", dr("Passenger ID")) 

enterprise.setTag("PassengerStatus", dr("Passenger Status")) 

enterprise.setTag("PassengerType", dr("Passenger Type"))