PINBlock encryption via Triple DES DUKPT encryption

The DUKPT PINBlock encryption process flow is the following: A Device (with a DeviceSerialNumber and a DeviceMake) is injected in a Trusted Centre with an Initial PIN Encryption Key (IPEK) and Initial Key Serial Number (IKSN). Whenever a PIN block is required from the device, a counter is incremented, which indicates a PIN Encryption key. When performing a Debit with PIN, the PINBlock is sent encrypted using the PIN Encryption key, along with the current KeySerialNumber (which indicates the device and the current counter value).

Key Injection for DUKPT Mode Test
There is one Test IKSN and IPEK that is public knowledge. When a Device is to be injected with the Test Device Master Key, it can be done either within the iVeri Test Loading Centre, or by the merchant. When a device is loaded with a test device master key by the merchant, then the merchant must contact their iVeri Distributor with the device information: Make, Model and Serial Numbe
The Test values are:
IKSN: FFFF0000030000000000
IPEK: 02B50748B58B7C4452E22E39DE560CE2