3D Secure 2 implementation using the Form Post

Merchant can POST Form variables to the 3DS 2 endpoint, which is redirect over the browser. On completion of the 3D secure process, the Gateway will return the result to the merchant ReturnURL. The result returned to the merchant will either allow for the continuation of the Authorisation/debit instruction or result in the termination of the transaction by the merchant to the customer.

Format: Form Data

Form Post request Sample

<form name="Form1" method="post"action="https://portal.iveri.net/threedsecure/EnrollmentInitial" id="Form1">

                                             <input type="hidden" name="ApplicationID" id="ApplicationID" value="{ca8a6eae-a469-4b39-bef3-aa029ca3a806}" />

                                             <input type="hidden" name="ReturnUrl" id="ReturnUrl" value="https://[domain]/Lite/Result.asp" />

                                             <div>Amount:</div><input type="text" name="Amount" id="Amount" value="2000" /></br>

                                             <input type="hidden" name="Currency" id="Currency" value="ZAR" />

                                             <div>Reference:</div><input type="text" name="MerchantReference" id="MerchantReference" value="3DS2:20210920.001" /></br>

                                             <div>PAN:</div><input type="text" name="PAN" id="PAN" value="5192602720584796" /></br>

                                             <div>Expiry:</div><input type="text" name="ExpiryDate" id="ExpiryDate" value="012023" /></br>

                                             <br />

                                             <input type="submit" name="buttonPostData" value="Post Data" id="buttonPostData" class="clsButton" style="width:90px;" />