3D Secure 2 implementation using the Pop-Up Method

Mandatory Requirements
Merchants can use the from the Gateway or they can build their own:
jQuery =  [portal domain]/scripts/jquery/js/https://jquery.min.js/ 
Bootstrap = [portal domain] /scripts/jquery/js/https://jquery.tdsbox.js/

Step1:  Initialize the popup   

Include the following javascript code on your webpage that you want to initiate 3DS from:

$(document).ready(function () { 
    tdsboxInitialise('[portal domain]',  


Step2:  Load the popup and shows the modal dialog  
function loadModal() { 
    var jsonObject = { 
            ApplicationID : $("#ApplicationID").val(), 
            MerchantReference : $("#MerchantReference").val(), 
            Amount : $("#Amount").val(), 
            Currency : $("#Currency").val(), 
            PAN : $("#PAN").val(), 
            ExpiryDate : $("#ExpiryDate").val() 
    var data = JSON.stringify(jsonObject);             

Step 3:  Gets the response back after 3D 2 Completes
function tdsboxComplete(data) {