Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

MCP offers eCommerce merchants the ability to sell their goods or services in currencies other than their base/local currency. This gives the merchant the ability to transact with new customers around the world while at the same time they can generate a new revenue stream. With MCP, the merchant prices goods/services in a currency other than, or in addition to, the merchant’s local currency.
The cardholder makes a purchase decision based on the price displayed by the merchant. The transaction is then completed with the price displayed by the merchant and the currency selected by the cardholder, with no currency conversion performed by the merchant.

MCP Transaction Flow

  • Perform an enquiry message using MCP enquiry message.
  • Merchant makes use of the returned list of MPC rates and perform transactions based on the customers elected currency. 

NB: Support of MCP is not yet publicly available to merchants.