Process Flow in Visa Check-Out with Lite


  1. Cardholder selects Visa Check-Out as payment method
  2. iVeri Lite calls Visa Light Box or Widget and presents it to the Cardholder to Login
  3. Cardholder Logins via Visa Light Box
  4. Cardholder selects a card and presses Continue
  5. Upon clicking Continue, iVeri Lite receives a Call ID (uniquely identifies the transaction)
  6. iVeri Lite uses the Call ID to get the Payload from Visa services
  7. Payload is returned by Visa services to iVeri Lite
  8. iVeri Lite decrypts the Payload and retrieves the PAN
  9. iVeri Lite sends the transaction request to the gateway/acquire
  10. When the response is received, Visa services is updated with either a Failed or Successful response
  11. Lastly, a redirect to the merchant with the transaction response is made.