Transaction – Subsequent Transaction

Purpose - To take further action on a transaction which has already been successfully processed. You can convert an Authorisation to a Sale or process a sale Refund.

Click on the appropriate Application ID in which you can view transactions that have been processed. Once the transactions details are displayed you, perform refunds, or do a debit

Select the Date on which the original transaction took place from the drop down menu or select a period if you are not sure of the exact date and click on Search. This will bring up a summary list of all the transactions which match your search selection.

Scroll through the summary list until you find the transaction you want to take the action on. To make sure that it is the correct transaction, click on the Details button on the right to bring up the full details of the transaction. 

Once edit is selected click on submit to continue the refund on the particular transaction. As you can see the transaction automatically goes to refund.

If this was an Authorisation transaction, under transaction type, you could also use this subsequent transaction option to authorize (Bank) the Authorized transaction by selecting Authorize Sale under Transaction Type