Configure Application

Configure Application

Purpose - TConfiguring your application is important. Configuring your application needs to take place before a user is able to create a transaction request. The user would need to configure: 

  • If E-mail confirmations can be sent to a cardholder. 
  • Confirm the E-mail address confirmations are sent to and from.
  • Receive a copy of the payment request that has been sent to the cardholder.
  • Customise the message on payment page.
  • Customise the message on payment request e-mail.
  • Link Merchants Terms and Conditions
  • Show Associated Logos

To make the relevant changes, click on Save Changes.

On the main menu go to DiVert – Configure Application.

Click on the Application you want to configure, i.e., either the Test or the Live. Make the relevant changes and click on Submit.