3D Secure

Integrate 3D Secure

Integrate 3D Secure functions via the iVeri Gateway

  • Implement a form post with the required data 
  • When received, the Gateway will process and handle the enrollment lookups, authentication with the 3DS provider on your behalf 
  • On completion, of the authentication, the merchant can submit payment instruction with the 3D 2 authentication data

Integrate 3D Secure directly with the 3DSecure MPI vendor 

  • Contact 3D secure Vendor
  • Integrate the 3D secure using the 3D secure integration specification from the MPI/3D Secure  vendor
  • On completion of the 3D secure process, merchants, or Payment service Provider (PSP) can include 3D secure authentication data on the payment instructions to the iVeri Gateway.
  • When received, the Gateway will process the payment to the appropriate acquirer

3DS 2
3D secure 2 is the latest standard released by EMVCo that allows merchants and payment service providers to send additional data elements to the issuing bank of the cardholder, which in turn, makes it possible for the issuer of the card to perform frictionless authentication and offer an improved, better, user experience to the cardholder. With the additional data elements relating to the cardholder, issuers can apply Frictionless Authentication flows or “Challenged” authentication flows.

Frictionless Authentication Flows:  issuers can apply risk-based decisions using the additional data received and trust that the real cardholder is making the purchase and auto authenticate the transaction in the background without requesting any additional information from the cardholder.
Challenged Authentication Flows:  When the issuer cannot apply risk-based decision using the data on record, additional information to authenticate the payment is then requested from the cardholder.

Integration Prerequisites 

  • Merchant must request a certificate in the merchant portal -  Backoffice.
    • The generated certificate ID is only applicable on the Authorisation/Debit message not the 3DS process.
  • The merchants application ID must be enabled for 3DS 2
  • Merchant Profile 
    • A merchants test application ID must be enabled for 3DS 2. Contact iVeri support on assist@iveri.com to enable 3D secure. 

    • Integration testing using should use the test application and corresponding  3D secure test cards

3DS 2 Endpoint 

3D secure - https:// [portal base URL]/threedsecure/EnrollmentInitial 

Method: POST

Format: FormData

Integration Method

Implementation of 3DS 2 to the iVeri Gateway can be done by either using as a form Post or Pop-up

3D Secure Process

  1. Submit 3D secure request in a Form POST  or Pop-Up method
    1. Post request on /threedsecure/EnrollmentInitial
    2. The iVeri Gateway act as proxy and submits the 3D secure request to the 3DS MPI onbehalf of the merchant 
  2. 3D secure MPI returns the status to the iVeri Gateway 
  3. iVeri Gateway posts the status of the 3D secure authentication to the merchant ReturnURL
  4. Depending on the data set returned, the merchant can proceed with the payment instruction ( Debit/Authorisation) or the transaction will have to be terminated to the customer.