The goal of the iVeri Sales Agent Programme is to increase your opportunities for cross sales by combining iVeri's industry leading products, experience and know-how with your intimate knowledge of your customers' requirements. 

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Partnering to increase your Opportunities

If your current customers include businesses and individuals that need to accept card and/or EFT payments, whether face-to-face, on a mobile app or on the internet, then monetise these customers by becoming an iVeri Sales Agent.

What We Offer Our Sales Agents

A complete solution

We offer the best most comprehensive range of products to suit most needs

A simple commission scheme

Negotiation based on requirements

Tried and tested company

iVeri has been in payments in South Africa since 1998
Our products are a combination of Innovative and tried and tested.

Our Sales Agency Programme enables you to cross-sell our comprehensive product range to grow your income

We'll assist with information, and technical support as well as provide you with the necessary sales and marketing tools to empower you to drive sales.