PoSPort is a card-present solution designed to facilitate secure and efficient card payments in face-to-face environments through a standalone terminal

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PosPort is a card-present solution designed to facilitate secure and efficient card payments in face-to-face environments through a standalone terminal. This comprehensive solution not only empowers merchants to seamlessly accept both contact and contactless transactions but also expands the horizon of transaction possibilities, offering a diverse and extended range of transaction sets.

Quick-to-Market Solution

Experience a faster implementation with PosPort, eliminating the need for integration or complex setup, ensuring your business hits the market faster.

Automated Remote Software Updates

Enjoy uninterrupted day-to-day business operations as software updates are seamlessly deployed remotely, keeping your terminal up-to-date with the latest features.

Support of diverse transaction sets

Empower merchants with a diverse array of transaction types, allowing them to cater to various customer preferences, all enabled by their acquiring bank.

Device Management

Acquirers gain control through a central management portal, enabling updates and customization of transaction types and card acceptance methods on deployed devices, including contactless limits.

SMYL Loyalty Rewards Program

Enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction with Posport's built-in SMYL loyalty rewards program, a powerful tool that acquiring banks can offer to their merchants.

Reporting & Monitoring

Access a comprehensive transaction history report, enabling you to gain actionable insights into your payment activities. Effortlessly search and retrieve specific transaction details using our transaction lookup feature.

Secure Transaction Processing

All transactions are processed securely as data is encrypted both on the device and in transit, ensuring the utmost protection for sensitive information.

  1. Device: a device has to be provided to the merchant by the Acquiring institution
  2. Connectivity: Device has to be connected to the internet
  3. Merchant Setup: Merchant Onboarding
  4. Device Config: Device has to be configured on the Acquirer PosPort system and a config is to be done on the device to allow connecting to the PosPort system as well.
  5. Merchant ready to trade

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PosPort Features

Various payment types: Debit, Authorisation and refunds

3D Secure and PCI Compliance,

Fraud Management and transaction history report

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