V 20231204

Cardinal & Indigo Release Notes V 20231204

The release notes contained in this document are available in iVeri’ s repository in production and can be installed on any Cardinal and or indigo installation on a case-by-case bases as agreed with Customers and or Integrators.

Available to All Cardinal/indigo Customers 



Introduction of additional parameters on the PosPort channel to facilitate the configuration of two IPs and two DNS entries. This enhancement enables the device to seamlessly connect to multiple designated addresses during transaction processing. 


  • A new configuration is introduced for the country code on IndiGo.  This enhancement replaces the previously hardcoded value with a configurable parameter known as "Terminal Country Code." 
  • Additional EMV tags 9F45 (Data Authentication Code) and 9F4C (ICC Dynamic Number) have been added for transactions processed on the N700 Device as required on the Mastercard L3 certification with CIM Finance. 


IndiGo - Ingenico 

  • A new configuration has been introduced to facilitate scheduled reboots for Ingenico devices as part of PCI requirement to disconnect devices once daily. This functionality is disabled by default, and can be enabled at Cardinal Admin level. Once enabled, time of reboot can be specified, allowing for a systematic daily reboot as per the defined configuration. 
  •  A modification has been implemented to enhance the efficiency of terminal management. The reboot time of the terminal is now configured during the device's initial setup, eliminating the need for recurrent adjustments every time the device connects 


Improvement on the error-handling mechanism to effectively log and communicate errors specifically related to missing configurations for IYS. In particular for a missing ApplicationID or Transaction Type config 




Introduction of QR code-based transactions within the Cardinal server for Shop2Shop transactions. This encompasses the entire process, from QR code retrieval to transmission to the designated device, reception of RabbitMQ responses, and subsequent relay of information back to the device. 



The support of MauCas QR transactions has been extended to the ARPED channel, which will allow for supporting this transaction type on the N700 device for CIM 

Internal to iVeri  


Additional naming parameters have been incorporated into the backup files to enhance the distinction of the log location. These parameters include "Preferred IP," "_db", "_log" 

 Bug Fixes 
Indigo – Ingenico 

  • Cease the practice of polling the device as part of the getsysteminfo process. Instead, the system now responds to getsysteminfo requests by providing the status held in memory. This change is an attempt to resolve different issues occurring on devices at the time of "GetSystemInfo" retrieval, and instances where KSIA reported devices that were stuck on the transaction result screen. 
  • Improvement to latency retrieval by decoupling it from the GetSystemInfo process. Now, the GetDateTime command is triggered when processing a Transaction or performing a GetHMAC, ensuring independent and efficient latency updates stored in memory. 



An enhancement has been introduced to the POSPort channelto use UPSERT functionality, instead of separate Insert and Update operations, based on the existence of data. This is to resolve issue with duplicate records appearing in PosPort daily device report sent to CBZ.