This is a generic configuration across all products. I have included additional screens and explanations for Reports that a user can request to be e-mailed.

The Administrator is able to set permissions per User profile created for automated reports / recon files to be e-mailed to a user.

From the Dashboard, navigate to the menu and select the ‘User’ tab.

Here, the user will choose the profile for which permissions need to be set.

From the User Profile, Navigate to and select the ‘Service Parameters’ tab.

From the Service Parameters screen, the user will navigate to the ‘Reports/Files to be emailed’ parameter.

Here the user can select one or all of the Reports/Files to be Emailed to the user.

To select all of the reports to be e-mailed for a user, hold the ‘CTRL’ button on the keyboard while make each report selection.

Once the user has made the selection applicable for this user, click on the ‘Save Changes’ tab to save the amendments made.