OpenCart (ver 1.4.0)

OpenCart (ver 1.4.0)



iVeri Lite OpenCart Plugin

The iVeri Lite Payment Gateway is a plugin that extends OpenCart, allowing merchants to accept payment through the iVeri Payment Gateway. The extension works by giving customers to option to pay via iVeri and then redirecting them to iVeri to make payment.



The following steps need to be followed when installing the OpenCart plugin:

  • Unzip the module to a temporary location on your computer
  • Copy the “admin” and “catalog” folders in the archive to your base “OpenCart” folder
    • This should NOT overwrite any existing files or folders and merely supplement them with the iVeri files
    • This, however, is dependent on the FTP program you use
    • If you are concerned about this, rather copy the individual files across as per instructions below
  • Login to the admin section of your OpenCart installation
  • Navigate to the Extensions > Payments page
  • Scroll down to the iVeri payment method and click the “Install” button to install the module
  • Once the module is installed, click on the “Edit” button.
  • The iVeri options will then be shown, select the payment status for “completed”, “failed” and “pending” payments, select the testing mode, enable the payment module, and click “Save”.
  • When you are ready to go live, add your iVeri Application ID and Payment Gateway URL, and set testing mode to 'no'.
  • Click Save.



An acquirer merchant account and related iVeri Lite profile which, once the iVeri Lite has been created, a test application ID can be used for testing transactions to the Gateway sandbox environment and the LIVE application ID is used for live processing of transactions



iVeri Lite Payment plugin for OpenCart Version 3.*


Configuration of the Merchant Gateway details

Below are the configuration parameters of the merchant that need to be configured for test and LIVE

  • Enable/Disable: Enable
  • Title: Credit card payments
  • Description: Populate a short description which will be presented when the customer chooses to pay via iVeri Lite
  • Payment Gateway Live URL: Populate the appropriated Gateway URL
  • Payment Gateway Test URL: Populate the appropriate Gateway URL as per the URL’s below
  • iVeri Lite LIve Application ID: Use your Live Application ID as generated by the Gateway
  • iVeri Lite Test Application ID: Use your Test application ID as generated by the Gateway
  • iVeri Lite Test Mode: Enable Test Mode (tick if using a Test Application ID otherwise untick)


Payment Gateway URL's

The iVeri Lite URL to use is dependent on the merchant’s region and acquiring bank that holds the merchant agreement


Test Credit Card Details

For testing purposes you need to use your test application ID. You can use the following credit card numbers to test; just set the expiry date in the future. A list of test credit card numbers may be downloaded

Test Card NumberExpected ResultResult Description
424242424242424242Result Code “0”Approved
2121212121212121Randomly Result Code 3, 4 & 5 Hot Card, Denied & Please call
5454545454545454Result Code 9Unable to process
Any other cardError code 14Invalid card number

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