Live phase

Before the merchant can start doing Live transactions, the acquirer or iVeri must validate that their implementation is correctly completed. For that purpose, the merchant shall send a request via email to the acquirer contact (available here) once they have completed their implementation, and after they have tested in the Test environment, while providing the following:

  •  Merchant's Website URL
  • User Group Number / Merchant number 
  • Test login credentials (Username / Password) for logging in to the merchant website as an end-user (if applicable) NB: It is time consuming for our test team to register as users on each website that we have to test hence this is required by them. If no log-in required, please state so within your email. 

Instruction on how to buy products from your website.
Once the integration has been validated, the acquirer will enable the live ApplicationID. At this point, the merchant must replace the test ApplicationID used during testing with the live ApplicationID and deploy the code into the merchant’s production environment.