Streamline your payment collection process

Batching transactions, saving time and effort 

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Efficient Payment Collection

Streamline your payment collection process by batching transactions, saving time and effort. Perfect for merchants who don't require real-time transaction processing.

Flexible Scheduling

Tailor the processing time to suit your specific needs, providing the flexibility to manage transactions effectively.

Convenient Batch Creation

Easily create Batch function for manual batch creation with automatic formatting by iVeri. Or create and upload batch files in a specific format for secure processing through the iVeri Payment Gateway.

Visibility and Oversight

Gain a clear view of your batch's progress using the iVeri BackOffice, allowing you to track the status.

Seamless Transaction Management

Via our merchants BackOffice where merchants gain the ability to perform additional actions on transactions, including subsequent transactions. This process simplifies the completion of transaction processing without requiring technical expertise.

Reporting & Monitoring

Access a comprehensive transaction history report, enabling you to gain actionable insights into your payment activities. Effortlessly search and retrieve specific transaction details using our transaction lookup feature.

How It Works !

  •  The merchant has the option to use batch in one of 2 ways:
    • Create a Batch via BackOffice 
    • Upload a Batch in BackOffice using XML or Fixed Text format
  • Once the Batch file is submitted, it seamlessly flows to the Gateway for processing.
  • Merchants are notified of the successful upload through the BackOffice or email.
  • After the Batch is processed, merchants can effortlessly review the results within the BackOffice.

Payment Methods 

Ways to pay online 

Key Benefits

Payments can be made anywhere, anytime – convenience
Payment is made over a secure channel, ensuring safety and ease
Ability to set Validity Period

 Efficient Payment Collection

Streamline your payment collection process.