3D Secure

3D Secure

3D secure is an EMVCO standard which is made up of 6 major card brand networks, allowing merchants to accept and process authenticated online transactions by cardholders with their bank prior to the actual authorization of the payment.
Through the iVeri Gateway, the following 3D secure authentication services from the card schemes are supported 

  • Verified by VISA (VbV),
  • SecureCode by Mastercard, 
  • SafeKey by American Express, 
  • UPOP by UPI
  • Protect Buy by Diners
  • SPA

Also, important to note, the Gateway currently supports two version of 3D secure – 3D secure V1.x and 3D Secure V2.x, support however is subject to acquirer and regional mandates where the Gateway has a footprint.

Merchant Benefits

  • Acceptance of authenticated transactions via 3D secure deters unauthorized card use.
  • Enables the merchants to receive protection, liability shift from fraudulent chargeback activity