Transaction Notification

Email to Merchant

This is an order confirmation from the Payment Gateway to Lite Application.
We have received the following Sale from your customer: 
Customer Details: 
Name : Mr. John Doe 
Email : John 
Payment Details: 
Transaction Type : Sale 
Transaction Index : A0394EB4-BBC1-4567-BBCB-A56B702050DD 
Merchant Reference : LITE0000028 
Card Number : 4242........4242 
Expiry Date : 092025
Acquirer Reference : 80903:09089990 
Electronic Commerce Indicator : SecureChannel 
Order Details: 
Purchase DateTime : 2022-09-03 09:08:32 
Total Order Amount : R 100.00 
Line Item Details: 
Item Description Quantity Unit Cost Line Total
Donation product#1 1 100.00 100.00
Additional Info:
Please contact <Distributor> should you have any queries.

Email to card holder

Dear Mr. John Doe
This is to confirm that <MERCHANT NAME> Lite Application has made a Sale on your card (number: 4242........4242) for R 0.99. 
The transaction occurred at 2022-08-14 10:13:27 (South Africa Standard Time). 
The reference number used by <MERCHANT NAME> Lite Application was <App Id> 
Order Details 
Purchase DateTime : 2022-08-14 10:13:27 
Total Order Amount : R 0.99 
Line Item Details: 
Item Description Quantity Unit Cost Line Total 
Donation product#1 1 0.35 0.35 
Donation product#2 2 0.32 0.64 
Additional Info: 
Expiry Date Month : 09 
Expiry Date Year : 2025 
Should you have any concerns about this transaction or the services offered by<MERCHANT NAME> 's Lite Application, please contact <MERCHANT NAME> 's Lite Application directly.