Payment Features

Depending on the acquirer involved, iVeri Lite has the capacity to offer the following payment methods


  1. VISA
  2. MasterCard
  3. AMEX
  4. Diners
  5. UPI

Mobile Money

  1. EcoCash
  2. M-Pesa

Additional payment methods:

  1. MasterPass
  2. Visa Checkout
  3. Visa Account Funding Transactions
  4. Mastercard Funding Transactions

Account-to-Account Transfer:

  1. Ozow

Other functionalities available:

  • 3DSecure: iVeri Lite, being an e-commerce product, allows for 3DSecure protocol for payer authentication in online transactions, if configured accordingly. 
    To learn more about 3D Secure, visit this page.
  • Fraud Management
  • Transaction history reporting
  • Merchant Portal - BackOffice: Merchant Portal includes features that are merchant-specific such as reporting, payment page customization, and general configurations. More on iVeri Lite BackOffice features can be found on this page