Pay Per Transaction.

Every time you accept a payment, we charge an all-in fee for each successfully completed transaction.


You pay for each transaction.
Fees are only charged on products used.

Wide range of products to suite every customers needs and or presences

Transaction Fee

Fixed Fee per transaction on online and in-person for Visa and Master card will be 2.95% + R1.50 and for Diners and American express will be 3.50% + R1.50 Excluding vat


An electronic funds transfer Instant bank-to-bank payment solutions, Fee is 2% of the transaction amount

OTT Voucher 

Fee is 6% of the transaction amount

Settlement or Pay Out Fee

The settlement of your transaction is done daily, weekly or monthly and is charged at a flat rate of R3.70 per settlement excluding VAT. Min payout is above R100

Merchant refund

Each refund will have a fee of R2.00 excluding VAT.

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Getting settled means that after accepting a payment with an iVeri card machine, the funds will be transferred into the merchant’s chosen bank account within 1–3 working days.

The amount settled will be less the iVeri’s transaction commission fee of 3.5% (ex VAT).

i.e R100 – 3.5% = R96.50

96.50 - R1.00 = R95.50

There is a settlement fee of R3.70 per settlement i.e. R3.70 every time money is settled into a merchant’s account. This fee is only applicable when a merchant trades and money is settled into the registered bank account. Therefore, if a merchant doesn’t transact this fee will not apply.

i.e R95.50 – R3.70 (settlement fee) = R91.80 

Settlements are done on business days only and not on  Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


*We only settle daily transactions of R100 or more.